Russkaya is the benchmark for a vodka at homeland of vodka. Russkaya is more than just a brand, it's a promise to give a consumer the true vodka from the country of origin.
The famous vodka of Russia
• Brand with over 50 years history.
• Produced according to the highest standards of Russian vodka production.
• The best-selling vodka of the Soviet Union.
• 100% State Quality Control.
• Owns "Russian vodka" certificate of Appellation of origin, which guarantees special features defined according to requirements of the Russian Government.
• Produced and bottled only in Russia with Russian ingredients.

The True History of Russian Vodka Origin
The first vodka was produced at the Chudov Monastery in Russia in 1430.
The official term "vodka" appeared for the first time in decree of Elizabeth I "Who is allowed to have cubes to distil vodkas" published on June 8, 1751.
Russian chemist Toviy Lovits proposed to use charcoal to clear vodka of fusel oils in 1789.
Alcohol capacity standard - 40% - was adopted by order of M. K. Reitern, the Finance Minister of the Russian Empire in 1866.
Traditional technology - true quality
Russkaya vodka is produced only from wheat grain.
Clear water from natural sources of special preparation.
Vodka charcoal filtration until readiness.
No scents and extra impurities.
The Bryansk distillery
The Bryansk distillery was founded in the 90s of the XIX century as the Bryansk State Wine Warehouse number 4 and was obliged his nascency to a state monopoly in Russia, which was initiated by Emperor Alexander III and carried out by the Minister of Finance Witte.
Russkaya Range
Enjoy Russkaya vodka neat in the Russian style:
Pour Russkaya vodka in decanter and cool it to -15˚C.
Prepare traditional Russian starters: pickled
mushrooms or cucumbers, smoked salmon or caviar.
Drink by small sips of 40 ml with good food.
Cheers! Na zdorovie!
Authentic Russian style bottle. Clear as a tear
True Vodka.
Whith a touch of wheat bread flavor.
Exceptionally smooth.
Light and zesty
Soft and pleasant
as Russian summer
Enjoy one of authentic Russian cocktails
Bloody Mary
50 ml Russkaya vodka
20 ml lemon fresh
2 dash Worcestershire
2 dash tabasco
100 ml tomato juice
Salt and pepper to one's taste
Method: build and layering
Decoration: fresh parsley, celery branch, lemon
Suzdal Mule
50 ml Russkaya vodka
Tablespoon of honey (20 gr)
30 ml lemon fresh
4 slices of ginger
100 ml of soda
Method: Muddle, shake, sieve strain
Decoration: cinnamon stick
50 ml Russkaya vodka
50 ml lemon fresh
50 ml cranberry jam
Method: layering
Decoration: skewer with canned or fresh cranberry
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